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J. Samuel-Bryan

Jennifer Samuel-Bryan's creative process is project/idea focused. Her past work has stemmed from thoughts that have arisen from reading, writing, dreams and recently from collaborating with a poet.

"I would describe my work as narrative and I believe that is why I feel a strong connection to the work of Paula Rego. Her work is from emotion, from dream and memory, and I feel that that is where I am headed with my work." 


She plays around with different mediums and ways to best represent the core of the idea. It is her preference not to stay within one style or media but instead to explore and experiment. In the future Jennifer will continue to work collaboratively with other artists, such as her current project with poet Laurie Bolger in which they are creating a pamphlet with artwork inspired by, but not illustrative of, Laurie's poetry.

"This will be the beginning of a long project of volleying pieces between us and reacting to each other’s work." 


Jennifer is currently dividing her time between fulfilling commissions and her own portfolio. Significant effort is developing a past art project that is very emotionally important to her, and has taken a great deal of thought and time to mature. It will be made up of a series of paintings with a narrative thread throughout that is unnerving, subtle and demands the viewers attention. It will be painted with little light, so that the details of the image slowly appear as the viewers’ eyes adjust

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