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Based on a poem by Laurie Bolger

Wasps and Grasshoppers 1.jpg
Wasps and Grasshoppers 2.jpg

Wasps and Grasshoppers


Ink and watercolour on paper


"Wasps and Grasshoppers" comes from reading a poem by Laurie Bolger called Carrot Mash, Tea and Bill Bailey. It features the line "Love is wasps and grasshoppers if you ask me: stings and finding the legs to jump into things." The artwork is inspired y the Dutch Renaissance still-life paintings, full of symbolism that tells a story. The narrative aspect of my work comes through here, the passion to tell a story with subtilise and making the viewer intuit the meanings behind the scene. - J. Samuel-Bryan

Wasps and Grasshoppers: Projects
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